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  • by Adam
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Duration 4h 44m
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  • Last Update December 24, 2020


Best Umbraco CMS online learning course. Training Umbraco by example project. Learning Umbraco by example.

Topics for this course

20 Lessons4h 44m

Umbraco CMS Training Course

Day1: Install Umbraco on Localhost and Build Visual Studio Solution17:02
Day1a: Install Umbraco using Visual Studio NuGet and hosting on localhost IIS16:29
Day2: Create Templates, Document Types and Content Page in Umbraco CMS21:04
Day3: Creating a Master Template in Umbraco CMS28:04
Day4: Create Document Types to Inherit from Master Template in Umbraco CMS24:52
Day5: Create a Dynamic Navigation Menu in Umbraco CMS52:01
Day6: Multiple Level in Dynamic Navigation Menu in Umbraco CMS10:42
Day7: Rendering Dynamic Data in Umbraco CMS09:41
Day8: Add Dynamic Fields and Load Data Into an Umbraco Page13:26
Day9: Attach Debugger to IIS Instance in Umbraco CMS10:56
Day10: Work with Article Section on Home Page in Umbraco CMS18:08
Day11: Hide Pages from Navigation in Umbraco09:15
Day12: Building News Module with Umbraco22:32
Day13: Creating Breadcrumbs In Umbraco07:19
Day14: Contact Form in Umbraco Part 115:31
Day15: Contact Form in Umbraco Part 236:46
Day16: Using Gmail SMTP to Send Email in Umbraco36:51
Day16a: [Resolved] Cannot Send Email on Localhost Using Gmail SMTP06:50
Day17: Setup Multiple Languages In Umbraco06:54
Day18: Adding a Language Switcher for Umbraco Multiple Languages16:42

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