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Complete tutorial series for individuals wanting to learn Java as their first programming language!

Topics for this course

33 Lessons4h 44m

Learn Java as your first Programming Language!

Learn Java as a First Programming Language00:11:24
User Input00:05:26
Making our first calculator00:06:10
Multiple Outputs00:01:46
Math Operators00:03:32
If statement00:02:55
If else Statement00:03:14
AND Logical Operator
OR Logical Operator00:01:55
Java Switch00:05:51
While Loop00:04:37
Multiple Classes00:05:38
Java Arguments00:06:22
Method Return Types00:05:55
Private Variables00:08:45
Java Constructors00:04:16
Nested if statements00:04:53
Else if statement00:06:14
Conditional Operator00:03:18
Java for Loop00:03:26
Do while loop00:02:33
Creating Arrays00:03:09
Printing Arrays00:05:15
Array Calculations00:07:03
Increment Operators00:04:18
Random Numbers00:03:18
Dice Simulator00:03:10
Enhanced for loop00:02:23
Arrays As Arguments00:07:15
Multi Dimensional Arrays00:04:06
Variable Argument Methods00:06:20
Multi Dimensional Printing00:10:09